About NCAAC Gymnastics – Northampton premier gymnastics club

Here at NCAAC we offer classes for children, starting at the age of 18 months up until 18 years. With a current membership of 500 gymnasts of all ages and abilities, NCAAC are Northampton’s premier gymnastics club. NCAAC has a very successful competitive section of the club taking girls through the lower level General Gymnastics competitions, Novice competitions, Intermediate competitions and through to Regional & National competitions. Below this section, we run exciting Recreational classes which can be used either as the basic training ground for our competitive arm OR simply as a place to learn and enjoy gymnastics.

Our History 


N.C.A.A.C. stands for Northampton & County Amateur Athletics Club? Founded in 1863 it embraced such sports as boxing, cycling, swimming athletics and, of course, gymnastics. We are the oldest club gymnastics club in the country and, by virtue of a Royal Charter, the only sports club in the county allowed to use the coat of arms of Northamptonshire which we display proudly as our club badge. Today only the gymnastics section remains but we are still known as NCAAC. In 1888, along with four other clubs, NCAAC founded the “National Amateur Gymnastics Association” which, as the British Gymnastics Association, is now the governing body of our sport. For many years, the club trained in local school gymnasiums until finally, in August 2000 we moved into a full-time training venue on Moulton Park Industrial Estate. 10 years later we relocated to our current facility in the Rothersthorpe Road Trading Estate where our circa 500 members enjoy our fully equipped training and competition facilities.

Our Welfare Officer – Gill Goodship


Gill Goodship holds the position of Club Welfare and Protection Officer.

What does the Welfare Office do?

The main role of the Welfare Officer is to ensure the safety & welfare of all the children who attend the club. It also covers the safety & welfare of all others at the club, as well as looking at ways to improve communication and other activities at the club.

What to do if you have a concern

If you have a general concern please make a note of the main points of your concern and report them to Gill.

If your concern is regarding a specific incident please make a note of the date and time it occurred and report it as soon as possible. Please also make a note of the key facts relating to the incident

If you are not sure about whether to report a concern or not we advise that you do report it, it is important that the club is aware of your concerns even if you are unsure about them. We will, of course, treat all reports with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

If for any reason you do not wish to raise your concern with Gill, please contact Marion Flynn (Club secretary at

Ways of making contact

You can phone to arrange a face to face meeting with Gill (please call or email)

You can phone and discuss the issue if you do not want to meet in person

You can write a letter highlighting your concerns and send via email

You can send a letter anonymously highlighting your concerns – however, please be aware that it is much more difficult to address the problem if we cannot contact the person who has noticed it

You can use the Suggestion Box in the changing room to raise a suggestion or issue

Please remember that these guidelines are for children and parents. It doesn’t matter who makes the report, or how old they are, everyone’s concerns are equally important and will be treated seriously.

Contact details

Phone: 07437546586